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2019 Trends to Try in Your Community Fitness Center

The trends in fitness in 2019 are focused on personalization and workouts that are tailored to your individual goals. HIIT workouts have become shorter than ever, making it even more convenient to enjoy the fitness resources in your Charlottesville apartment community. The state-of-the-art fitness center right here can help you get a great start on the new year.

Modern fitness trackers and apps make it possible to bring your own personal trainer to the apartment fitness center at any time. Streaming workouts can be used on the equipment in your apartment community’s fitness center to provide maximum benefits from your workouts while including a variety of activities and without joining a gym.

Charlottesville Apartment Fitness Center“Fusion” fitness is the top trend in 2019, offering workouts that mix and match different types of exercise for a whole body workout. Yoga moves with medicine ball weights, strength exercises performed on a balance board, and integrated motion exercises improve your strength and flexibility all at once and target often neglected muscle groups. Your apartment community is well equipped with a variety of training tools you can use to experiment with more innovative modern workouts without the need to buy a lot of equipment.

Charlottesville Apartment Fitness CenterMany of the most popular “fusion” programs focus on HIIT– High Intensity Interval Training. These interval training workouts reduce the amount of time spent exercising by mixing short periods of high-intensity cardio activity followed by short recovery periods and strength exercises. Your apartment fitness center gives you a chance to experiment with this trend by alternating between different types of strength and flexibility moves and intense cardio on the machines. HIIT workouts are notoriously short, another great reason to work out in your apartment fitness center rather than driving 30 minutes each way for a 15-minute workout.

If you haven’t stopped by your apartment community’s fitness center, make a plan to visit in 2019. You have the opportunity and resources to achieve your best health right at home, without an expensive gym membership!

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