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Working out in your Charlottesville apartment

5 Tips for a Home Workout Program

Exercising is one of the most difficult activities to schedule and maintain. We all know that we should work out regularly, but we never seem to find the time or energy. Here are a few tips to make your home exercise plan a little easier!

1: Dedicate the Space
Creating a space for a workout in your apartment can be challenging, but devoting space to exercise is a great way to stay motivated. Move your coffee table out of the way or push your bed to one side of the room. Designating a space for exercise removes one excuse for missing workouts and reminds you to work out each time you see that space.

2: Schedule a Time
Plan a workout time and set a timer or a reminder to make sure that you stick to it. Working out before your shower is convenient and creates a clean, refreshed feeling after your workout.  If you like to shower in the morning your workout can boost your energy for the day. If you would rather shower at night, exercise can help you get better sleep.

Exercising in your Charlottesville apartment3: Get Your Own Equipment
Investing in workout equipment reinforces your decision to start an exercise program. Start simply with a yoga mat or a set of hand weights, or buy what you need for your favorite online workout video. Gradually collecting new workout equipment will keep your workouts interesting and continue to challenge you as you progress.

4: Work Out with a Friend
You can exercise with a workout buddy even when you exercise at home! Keep each other inspired with text messages, or use a webcam to work out together from your separate homes. Your friend can help you look forward to exercising as an opportunity to catch up with someone you like rather than dreading it as a daily chore.

5: Use Privacy an Advantage
In the privacy of your own home, you can exercise along with a workout video on your TV or computer and customize your workout to your preferences. Play the music you like without your headphones getting in the way. Wear whatever you want (or maybe nothing at all) and you won’t have to think about what you look like in your comfy leggings! Working out without an audience also boosts your confidence by avoiding feelings of self-consciousness as you improve your fitness.

If you are still struggling to find time to work out regularly, try multi-tasking when you do chores! Do squats while you wash the dishes. Do knee-lifts while you put away laundry or perform lunges when you vacuum. Squeeze in a few strength moves while you complete household tasks to improve your fitness, save time, and enhance a sense of productivity. Household chores can distract you from exercise and prevent the monotony associated with a daily workout.

There are lots of ways to make your home workout fun and enjoyable! Experiment and discover what works for you. At the end of the day, what matters is that you work out, not how you work out!

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