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Best Charlottesville Coffee Shops

Charlottesville Coffee Shops: Big City Taste, Small Town Appeal

Charlottesville can be described in the same way you might describe its coffee shops: Charlottesville coffee is sophisticated and nuanced and served in a cozy small-town atmosphere. This is not to say that all Charlottesville coffee shops are the same! The diversity and variety of coffee shops in our area are truly phenomenal. If you haven’t tried one (or if you’re ready to branch out from your “usual” café), try some of these noteworthy Charlottesville favorites the next time you crave a tasty cup of ‘joe:

Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters
Shenandoah Joe Coffee is so popular that many of our favorite local coffee shops and grocery stores throughout Virginia carry their locally roasted beans, but in Charlottesville, you can visit the roaster in person to enjoy over 25 varieties of gourmet coffee from all over the world. Charlottesville is home to two Shenandoah Joe shops where you can get a freshly brewed cup or order beans to take home. Stop by the Espresso Bar & Roastery on Preston and bask in the scent of freshly roasted beans while your order is being filled!To Top ⮝

Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters
Charlottesville Coffee ShopSince 1992, Greenberry’s is a Charlottesville legend. Fresh, locally roasted coffee, friendly baristas, and a delightful atmosphere embody the company’s core mission: to bring high-quality coffee to Virginians in a neighborhood setting among friends. Many of Greenberry’s regulars are 27-year enthusiasts who know that Greenberry’s hand-roasted coffee is unmatched in taste and quality. Yummy sandwiches and baked goods are the perfect companion to their truly exceptional coffee – order to go or relax in the café at their flagship location in Barrack’s Road Shopping Center and find out why so many Charlottesville coffee-lovers choose Greenberry’s.To Top ⮝

Mudhouse Coffee Roasters
Great Coffee Houses in CharlottesvilleThe award-winning coffee featured at Mudhouse Coffee Roasters comes from humble beginnings. The company started more than 20 years ago as a little cart on the Historic Downtown Mall and at Charlottesville’s Famers’ Market and has grown to be a favorite among local residents. You can stop in for a cup at one of their four Charlottesville cafés, or you can order specialty coffee online to roast at home. The roasters at Mudhouse are true coffee experts, happy to share their “from the ground up” knowledge about coffee with customers, making this the perfect spot for coffee experts and amateurs alike.To Top ⮝

MarieBette Café & Bakery
Charlottesville's Best Coffee ShopCharlottesville is truly lucky to be the home to this unique and absolutely delicious bakery. Professionally and internationally trained chefs create inspired bread, pastries, and locally-sourced offerings that are truly in a class all their own. Cupcakes and cookies that will impress your adult palate while indulging your inner child are the bakery’s trademark but don’t miss out on their farm-to-table dishes that will impress you with their elevated simplicity. Soon to be a legend, not to be missed! Stop in for a cup of coffee, and leave with a satisfied grin.To Top ⮝

Lone Light Coffee Co.
Great Coffee in Charlottesville, VaIf you love a good cup of coffee almost as much as you love a great piece of pie, you’re in luck! Charlottesville’s popular Pie Chest is also home to the Lone Light Coffee Co. Located on Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall, the flagship café shares the space to offer a unique and absolutely scrumptious team. The company’s dedication to quality from roast to brew produces a cup of coffee that truly reflects their passion and love of a great brew. The welcoming space is a wonderful place to stop in for a little afternoon break or for lunch with a friend. Don’t forget to order a pie and a pound of freshly roasted beans to take home.To Top ⮝

The Best Coffee Shops in CharlottesvilleGrit Coffee
With five locations in Charlottesville, Grit coffee is truly your convenient local coffee stop. Classic food options pair with outstanding coffee that you can enjoy in one of their local cafés or order to take home. Free Charlottesville delivery further guarantees that you will never need to settle for second-rate coffee in the city.To Top ⮝

These are just a few of the great options available in Charlottesville! Start your adventure in coffee with these excellent options, but don’t be afraid to venture out – great coffee is easy to find in Charlottesville.

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