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Charlottesville Dog Friendly Apartment Decor

Creating the Perfect “Dog House”

You’ve moved into a wonderful pet-friendly apartment community, but have you done your part to make your dog happy in your Charlottesville apartment? Try out some of these neat ideas to make life with Fido fun and functional for both of you!


No matter what your living space looks like, it may seem like a challenge to integrate Fluffy without making your living room look like a kennel, but there are a surprising variety of ways, both old and new, to include Fluffy’s things in a stylish way. Rather than planting a wire frame crate right next to the couch, try an attractive end table that doubles as a dog crate. Fluffy can hide in a safe place that also serves as a place to set your book and a cup of tea. Try the Triple Door Dog Crate from or the Casual Wooden Pet Crate, available on Amazon.

It is also hard to add your favorite mementos, pictures, and lighting without worrying that Rover’s tail will clear them from your coffee table or end table. Don’t hide your vintage picture frames and lamps! You can use floating wall shelves to create spaces for your trinkets that are well above Rover’s “tail trail”. We love all the options available at Wayfair and Walmart.

A Place for Everything

Pet Friendly Charlottesville Apartment DecoratingIt can be difficult to find a place to store all of Fido’s “goodies” – food and treats need to be stored in a place where he can’t find them, special toys need to be hidden, and medications need to be organized and kept out of reach. Fortunately you can find plenty of stylish, useful feeding stations that not only store food and treats, they can also double as an elevated feeding station and a dog walking center! Check out the attractive and functional Feeder Station from Grandin Road. Or for smaller dogs, opt for a streamlined and functional storage option provided in the IRIS Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage.

Piddle Protected

Even the best dog occasionally has an accident which can be a disaster for carpet, and even for your hardwood surfaces, if not discovered immediately. Muddy paws can also be a nightmare for your apartment carpet. A washable area rug with a non-skid rubber liner beneath it can help make that occasional “mistake” less of a threat to your security deposit. We love the Meilocar Ultra Absorbent Soft Floor Mat, which is machine washable and comes in lots of colors to match your dog’s coat and hide stains.

A Busy Dog is a Happy Dog

Interactive Dog PuzzleWhether you’re at work, at the fitness center, or busy cooking in your apartment kitchen, there are times when you can’t keep an eye on Fluffy. These are the moments when she might consider chewing on your furniture or de-stuffing your throw pillows. Make sure she has lots of toys to choose from instead, and keep them in a pretty basket where she knows how to find them. You can also keep her occupied with puzzle toys to prevent her from getting creative when she gets bored. A classic Kong Toy filled with her favorite treats is a sure hit. For more creative dogs and puppies, try a Snuffle Mat to keep her busy when you’re away on longer excursions.

Stay Connected

These days, we all stay connected and on top of everything in our lives thanks to technology, so why not do the same thing for Fido? The Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser uses an interactive camera that connects to your smartphone so you can keep an eye on Fido and talk to him no matter where you are! Two-way audio lets you tell Fido you miss him and allows you to toss him a tasty treat up to six feet, or schedule treats to be given periodically to avoid boredom.

You know your pet-friendly Charlottesville apartment community is perfect for you, now it’s time to upgrade and make it “Pooch Perfect!”

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