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Christmas in your Charlottesville Apartment

Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to “deck the halls” and decorate for the season! You don’t have to be an expert to give your apartment some holiday sparkle – simple changes can make a big impact with very little effort. Use these tips to achieve maximum “merry”!

Save Your Walls. Command strips are your best friend! Most of us know that command strips can be used to hang pictures and decorations without the need to put holes in your walls, making them perfect for decorating your apartment and saving your security deposit! Door hangers are great for hanging wreaths on the exterior or interior doors. Find them in the bathroom aisle at your local store. They will be durable in rain and snow, and unlike a command strip, they can be used year after year.

Change Your Fabrics. One of the easiest ways to decorate for the holidays is to swap out the fabric accents in your home. Change up your couch pillows and dish towels for some subtle festive touches that can you can vary with the seasons and holidays. Put a festive doormat outside your door to welcome visitors to your home! Put out new throw blankets or perhaps even change your curtains to a seasonal color that will highlight your decorations and bring a room together.

Decorate with Practical Items. One of the most annoying parts of decoration is the way it can add to clutter. While we may want beautiful holiday displays on every horizontal surface, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with pumpkins and tiny snowman statues. Try decorating with items that you actually use, including themed plates, cups, cookie jars, placemats, and other kitchen items. Not only will they add decorative touches, but they can also be useful. If you hang up your coffee cup, hang some seasonal coffee cups for decoration and use for your coffee, hot chocolate, or apple cider.

Be Storage Smart. Finding storage for your holiday decorations can be a challenge in any home. Keep storage in mind when you shop for decorations – ask yourself, can this item collapse, nest or stack easily so it takes up less space? You can wrap fragile items in your holiday fabrics and dish towels to make storing them more efficient and prevent chipping or breaking. Consider multi-use items that can be altered for multiple seasons and holidays such as wreaths with removable decorations that can be changed for the holidays.

Most of all, decorate as a way to celebrate the season! Decorating should be fun, not something you dread, so pull out your favorite things and spread some cheer.

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