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Simple Apartment Decorating Ideas with Big Impact

Simple Apartment Decorating Ideas with Big Impact

You just moved into a new apartment and you love it! The fitness center is spacious and well-equipped, the clubhouse includes more features than you could imagine, and the neighborhood is right where you need to be. The only thing is that it feels a little… sterile. Boring. In need of something…

Don’t worry! There are plenty of easy ways to make your new apartment reflect your individual style. Check your leasing agreement to see what you are allowed to change, and make your space your own with these great apartment decorating ideas:

Light Up Your Life

Swapping out light fixtures can make a big difference in the mood of your apartment. There are so many fixtures to choose from – simple, extra bright, artistic, streamlined, traditional… It’s easy to find something that suits your specific tastes. Save the fixtures you replace and check that the new fixture is supported by your wiring. You will be surprised at what a difference a change in light can make.

Simple Apartment Decor with Big Impact

Add a Rug

Area rugs can make a huge difference in the way your apartment “feels”. A rug can provide a pop of color and can add texture to the room. A rug also defines a space that can be useful in an open floor plan, allowing you to separate living and kitchen areas without heavy, intrusive walls or panels. And yes, you can put a rug over carpet!

Paint with Art

If you are allowed to paint your apartment, color will really help you create a new style, but even if you aren’t allowed to put holes in the walls you can still make the space your own. Large, colorful abstract, and atmospheric art can go a long way toward changing the mood and flavor of your apartment. Use no-damage hangers like Command hooks and strips to add life to your walls. No damage hangers allow you to hang on all sorts of surfaces, including bathrooms and kitchen tile. Art is a wonderful way to dress us your space, but don’t stop there – get creative with shelving and include candles, lighting, and your favorite trinkets in your décor.

Reflect Upon Your Space

Decorative mirrors are a wonderful way to add the illusion of space and maximize the light in a room. Hang a mirror in your entryway to open up the area (and give you a place to check your look just before leaving for work). Or place a large mirror over your sofa or opposite a window for an elegant feeling.  The reflection will mimic a window in appearance and can help reflect light to make a room brighter.

Kitchen and Bath Upgrades

If your apartment kitchen lacks pizzazz, consider changing your cabinet pulls! Cabinet pulls are the jewelry of your kitchen and bathroom and can be changed easily. You can also remove the doors from your kitchen cabinets to create the look of open shelving or replace the doors with your own painted cabinet doors. Be sure to hang onto the doors and pulls so you can replace them later.

Simple Apartment Decor with Big Impact

Incorporate Nature

Plants are an easy, fun way to add life to a room. Check with your local nursery to find out which plants are best for your space. If you prefer not to care for houseplants, there are thousands of beautiful fake options available as well. Fake plants have the added advantage of being easily replaceable, allowing you to change them seasonally or as the mood strikes.

These are just a few of the myriad of small ways you can make your apartment yours. Small changes can really transform your space, and they are so easy that you might enjoy changing them often! For more apartment decorating ideas, apartment living tips, and information about Charlottesville, check in often with The Scoop!

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