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Stay at Home in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Stay Sane While You “Stay at Home”

It’s critically important that we stay at home to protect ourselves and our community from the spread of COVID-19. Below are a few ways to make “stay at home” less disruptive to your sanity.

Working at Home

Many of us are still working, which can be very difficult in a home setting. Pets, children, even household chores can be very distracting. Remember these tips:

Create a workspace. Define a specific space for work to help children and roommates avoid interrupting your work. A designated workspace will also help you separate work from play.

Maintain a Schedule. Develop a schedule that follows your typical work routine as closely as possible.

Parenting and Teaching

Our families are adapting to a completely new lifestyle. Present a positive attitude and remember that you are learning together. Find things to do that will keep your family active and engaged to promote good health and communication. Try some of these activities to break up the boredom:

Cooking in Your Charlottesville ApartmentMake Paper Bag Puppets. Write a play and perform your own show.
Build a Blanket and Pillow Fort. It’s just as much fun as you remember.
Hold a Video Game Tournament. The winner gets ice cream!
Go on an Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Hide treats and toys around the house and create clues to find them.
Plan a Themed Movie Marathon. Cuddle up with some popcorn and watch together.
Set up a Blind Taste Test. See if your kids know the difference between broccoli and cauliflower by taste.
Teach a Cooking Class. Show your kids how to make their favorite treats.
Stage a Fashion Show. Play dress-up with old clothes and jewelry and put on a Facetime show for Grandma.

For more ideas to keep families busy, click here.

Fighting off the Boredom

This is a great opportunity to catch up on activities that you may have been putting off for a rainy day. Deep clean your apartment or organize your closets, or put up the pictures you’ve always wanted to hang. Other ideas to help pass the time include:

Relax in Your Charlottesville ApartmentRead. Catch up on all those books you’ve always wanted to read, or order some new ones and start your own library.

Start a New Hobby. Thinking about learning to knit? There are endless online resources to help you learn a new skill.

Exercise. While the gym may be closed, you can go for a run, learn yoga in your apartment, start lifting weights, or work out to a dance video.

Cook. Brush up on your baking skills or make some soup to store in the freezer. Online cooking lessons can even teach you to make the perfect soufflé.

Plan. Get online and plan your dream getaway to look forward to or to take a virtual tour of a place you want to visit.

Shop. Help your favorite businesses by shopping online. Many shops are even offering online discounts to encourage sales.

Stay Connected to Your Family and Friends. Use your phone, your computer, even write letters. We may need to maintain a physical distance from one another, but we’re all in this together, and we’ll all get through it – together.

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